JoTo PR has been outstanding to work with. She helped us put together a plan, a promotional-type plan on things that we needed to do to get more recognition as a bank, as a safe and sound bank, as a 5-Star bank, as a bank that had money to lend. All the attributes that you want to see in a bank - they helped develop the plan and they executed the plan to perfection."

"I want to thank JoTo PR for helping us make Relay For Life of Clearwater the event it is today. I am so happy to announce that we have been selected as a test site for a national cancer research study program. We were selected because of all the awareness JoTo PR brought to this event, engaging the community of Clearwater."

JoTo PR Agency Servicing Local and National Clients

The JoTo PR Agency is a national public relations firm, headquartered in the Tampa Bay area that provides PR services to local and national organizations to get them well-known and well-thought of.

JoTo = Excellence

JoTo is an ancient Japanese word that means "excellence; the best, very high class." That is the standard that we apply to our public relations campaigns.

The New Economy and PR

In the new economy, PR services are much more than sending out press releases. An effective media PR agency has to successfully deliver creative, yet succinct and easy-to-understand messages via both the mainstream media and social networks in order to drive public behavior. PR does so by creating credibility.

Public relations specialists must utilize the full array of PR skills and communications tools in order to drive individuals to adopt a technology or any product or service

  • From time-tested traditional methods to
  • The latest and most popular media and internet vehicles…

At JoTo PR, we have effectively merged these skills and methods to provide proven results for our clients. The goal is to make consumers more interested and comfortable in doing business with you.

Making you visible, keeping you known

When JoTo PR services a client's PR needs, we address every facet of that company or organization's communication, image and branding in order to portray the image you want people to remember.

  • We deliver results by reaching out to the precise audience that is meaningful to you, and garnering their willingness to patronize your services or products.
  • And then we continue to keep your name out there, making your business visible and able to stand out and be noticed.

Building a solid reputation for your company

Consumers base what they want to do on how they perceive you, so it's important to have a good reputation. Everything the JoTo Public Relations agency does is done from the standpoint of telling your story, making you credible and getting you more business overall. Our campaigns put you on the map!