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JoTo PR Agency Servicing Local and National Clients

JoTo is an ancient Japanese word that means “excellence; the best, very high class.” That is the standard that we apply to our public relations campaigns. We are a national public relations firm headquartered in the Tampa Bay area providing PR services to local and national organizations to get them well-known and well-thought of.


The New Economy and
Public Relations

In the new economy, PR services are much more than sending out press releases. An effective media PR agency has to successfully deliver creative, yet succinct and easy-to-understand, messages.

Making You Visible, Keeping You Known

When JoTo PR services a client’s PR needs, we address every facet of that company’s or organization’s communication, image and branding in order to portray the image you want people to remember.

Building a Solid Reputation

Everything the JoTo Public Relations agency does is done from the standpoint of telling your story, making you credible and getting you more business overall. Our campaigns put you on the map!

What JoTo PR Clients Have
to Say About Us

  • John Hillman, CEO, NTC:

    “Working with JoTo PR and learning from them was a huge revelation for me in my business – and date-coincident with starting with them, we have doubled as an organization, which is something I had not believed was possible in such a short amount of time.”

  • Bryn Wesch, CFO, Novus Medical Detox:

    “I don’t know what I would do without JoTo PR. Before we started doing press releases and social media, we had about 4,000 site visits a, despite all the Google algorithm changes that have affected many people, we’ve gone from 4,000 visits per week to 8,000 visits per week.”

  • Stu Sjouwerman, Founder/CEO, KnowBe4:

    “The initiatives we’ve implemented with JoTo PR have yielded tremendous results. In just one year, we were asked to bid on a 50,000-seat project. A year later, we sold a 150,000 seat project to a large corporation – our largest sale to date.”

  • Grant Wood, Managing Member, Stingray Asset Management, LLC:

    “With JoTo’s public relations strategy, Water’s Edge has been the talk of the town, and as a result we have exceeded all of our pro forma sales expectations to date.”

“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”